Don’t Go to Starbucks, Choose Local

Interestingly enough, over the years California has become synonymous with coffee houses. In the land of hipsters, there is no better place to go and work on your graphic design or music career than in your local coffee house. Modesto, CA is no different. Situated halfway up the coast of the Pacific, this seaside town boast a great many coffeeshops.

However, among these shops are entwined the tentacles of Pike Place. Modesto is home to six separate Starbucks, all within a few miles of each other. While there’s nothing wrong with Starbucks, and trust me, I know my way around a Chai tea latte, six pumps, with no water and no foam, its sad to see good, locally owned coffee places be overpowered by the caffeine-fueled behemoth that is the Starbucks Corporation. A coffee house Modesto is a taste of local life. They are works of art that need to be experienced.

These shops are the places where the baristas know your name and remember how many shots of espresso you need in the morning. You don’t find that at many Starbucks. So, go out and support your baristas. Choosing local options isn’t just an aesthetic choice, it’s a crucial one.

coffee house Modesto

Many small businesses today cannot run because of competition from large chains. This is especially evident in the coffee business as Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts are so widespread and so popular. Without local support, the presence of six different locations for Starbucks can choke out all other competition.

So go out to the next open mic that you see posted on a light post somewhere. Find a place that feels like home, where you can spend a few hours reading or meeting with friends. And as always, that tip jar doesn’t fill itself.