How To Plan A Surprise Party

If you want to throw a surprise party for a special someone in your life, it’s important to be prepared. Making a mistake could lead to them finding out and ruining the surprise.

The first thing you need to take care of is the catering. Leaving this to the last minute could lead to disaster. You can easily get specialty cakes Chicago IL that will be a hit with your guest of honor. The second step is to book your venue. If the person you’re surprising lives with you, make sure that nobody involved with the party phones to a shared phone and take extra care to delete messages if your partner often uses your phone.

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The guest list can be where everything falls apart. It’s of the upmost importance that you make sure to inform everyone you’re inviting right off the bat that the party you’re throwing is meant to be a surprise. Remember to tell them not to tell anybody else about the party either, since word of mouth might lead to the guest of honor finding out.

On the day of the party, it’s good to have someone to escort the guest of honor around for the day. Try to do this as naturally as possible. If the party is for your partner, have one of her friends invite her out for coffee. If the party is for a family member, invite them over to help you with something around the house. It all depends on where your venue is and who the party is for.

Lastly, take the preferences of the person you’re celebrating into account. If they like dancing, make sure there’s a dance floor. If they love a certain food, make sure it’s included in the party snacks.