Three of the Best Ways to Display Your Food Products

In the retail industry, it is essential to make sure that you display your merchandise in a way that will be accessible to your customers.  When it comes to displaying food, there are a number of different options that you have.

Because these displays are focused on food products, there are going to be different options regarding cooling.  The following are three of the best ways to display your food products.

Mobile Ice Displays

Using an ice-cooled food service display is an inexpensive way to make sure that your food products stay fresh while also being able to move them around so they will be in the perfect spot on your floor.

The down side to these types of displays is that you will have to manually refill them with ice, which requires a little bit of extra work.

Powered Cool Displays

If you need to keep your food cool and don’t want to put in the added work of filling the display with ice, a powered, refrigerated display is the way to go.

The down side is that these require energy and can raise your bills, and they’re also usually not mobile because they have to be plugged in to function properly.

Hot Displays and Cases

If you’re offering fully-cooked food in your store you’ll need to be able to keep the food hot.  There are many different types of hot cases and displays, but the best way to go is usually a combination display.

A combination display will allow you to showcase different types of food, which will make everything easier on your customers.

The type of displays that you choose to use will be dependent upon the types of food you’re displaying, the layout of the building, and your customers’ needs.